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Quality Garage Door Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services

Garage Doors Spring Repair offers professional garage door repair, installations and maintenance services across the United States. We employ the best staff and licensed technicians dedicated to garage door jobs. In this regard, our company quickly became one of the most reputable companies in the industry.

With our Completely Accredited, Bonded and Insured service technicians, you can be assured of the best garage door services in town.

Why Garage Doors Spring Repair?

We have been committed to providing top quality services for many years now. We are certain that we make use of innovative strategies and techniques in all of the services that we render. We also guarantee full customer satisfaction on all garage door installation, garage door repair & maintenance services.

As we are a company that wants to become one of the most reputable companies in the industry of garage door service industry, we commit to our most valued customers, we train our people and most of all, we render top notch and 100% customer satisfactory services.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Providing top quality products and services is definitely our top concern because we value our clients and our definition of success goes hand in hand with our customers happiness. Making the customers fully satisfied is certainly paramount in reaching the top. In addition, we provide manufacturer's warranty on all of the products we install.

Our People

Our professionally trained staff and technicians are dedicated to supporting every customer to fulfill their expectations. It is also our top priority to respond to all of your queries. We bond and work together as a functional team.

Our Services

We install, repair and maintain automatic gate and garage door. We replace extension spring, roller and hinge and substitute broken torsion springs, to name a few. In addition, we also install energy efficient and well insulated garage doors to fit your budget and preferences.

All these services include:

  • No Extra Charge on Nights or Weekends
  • Same Day Assistance
  • Automatic Set-Up Garage Door Openers
  • Panel Replacement
  • Installation of Overhead Door
  • Energy Efficient, Insulate Garage Doors
  • Installation and Sales of Garage Door
  • Agreement on Industrial Maintenance
  • Historical Constructions Retrofit Installation

Types of Garage Doors:

Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors opens upwards usually by means of going around a bend in the vertical tracks which allows the opened door to become parallel with the floor above the top of the door opening.

Tilt-Up Doors

This is a type of garage door that works by the help of a hinge fastened to each door sire.

Wooden Doors

Wooden garage doors are like what the name implies are doors that are made from natural wood, this type of garage doors will certainly boost the features of your home.

Fiberglass Doors

are garage doors that is made of fiberglass, this type of doors offers a very authentic wood panel look in pretty natural wood-tone colors.

Metal and Steel Doors

are garage doors that are typically made up of concrete steel or any kind of metal, steel doors are available in insulated, double skin and uninsulated steel.

Decorative Doors

These are custom made doors, that most of the times have rustic designs, mediterranean designs or even spanish designs. These doors are made to suit the taste of the homeowner.


Torsion Springs

Torsion springs work by twisting or torsion and which store mechanical energy when it is being twisted.


Struts are utilized in garage doors to strengthen their door sections that are generally wide in size to help in handling wind loads.


Garage door rollers come in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

Extension Springs

These are garage door springs that are placed above the horizontal tracks. They compress and stretch as the door lifts and closes.

Cables off Drums

the cable drum is structured to help garage doors remain balanced as they open and close with the use of torsion springs.


garage door hinges are important parts of a garage door, they are usually embossed with a number representing the hinge size. They are usually used to connect two sections.


these accessories help in controlling the motion and tension of a garage door, it is the one responsible when a garage door is lifted up or lowered down.


These are garage door locks that are designed to be utilized on an overhead door. Locks have mechanisms that consist of loaded bolt which locks the door's bolt mechanism automatically.